Are you looking to promote your business online? Has finding the right digital marketing agency always held you back?

Believe me, I’ve been there.

There’s nothing worse than having the perfect business model, but never really being able to attract clients or customers on the Internet.

Why you need help with marketing

If you’re like most small-to-medium sized companies, you just don’t have access to content strategists, writers, search engine optimization pros, ad buyers, social media managers, video producers, or seasoned marketing executives to bring it all together in a coherent, effective strategy.

Instead, you do your best to take on all those roles by yourself, while also juggling the demands of your full-time work, plus all your personal commitments.

You end up feeling frustrated because you’re trying to figure out everything on your own and nothing you do seems to get you to that next level.

Digital marketing effort


The old way to boost your digital marketing

Until now, the only way to kickstart your online marketing efforts was to find and hire an experienced marketing executive or an expensive consultant to build a custom plan and tell you how to get started.

The problem with these options is that experienced executives are hard to attract, and legitimate marketing consultants are nearly impossible to find, and even if you do manage to find a capable consultant willing to help you out, you’ll be looking at upwards of $125 per hour, which is simply out of reach for most small-to-medium sized businesses.

Fat Bullfrog alternative


That’s why today, I’m delighted to share with you a digital marketing agency unlike any other called “Fat Bullfrog” that is actually able to increase awareness of your company online, build trust with your prospects, motivate them to take action, and drive growth in ways you never imagined. I know that may sound unbelievable, but I’m prepared to show you exactly how it works.

Introducing Fat Bullfrog

My name is Jeremiah Allen, and for the last 19 years I’ve worked with successful startups, multi-million dollar corporations, and publicly traded companies to help them attract new customers and build their businesses like never before.

And what I’ve proven over and over is that Web users respond to the same simple step-by-step formula to find products and services online, evaluate them, and open their wallets.

The Fat Bullfrog difference

Now, what makes Fat Bullfrog different than any other firm out there is that we don’t try to impress you with our portfolio and our imported cars, or by taking you to the nicest restaurant in town.

Instead, we work with you to implement a step-by-step, tried-and-true formula, and help you get results.

Let me explain exactly how we can help your business drive growth.

The Fat Bullfrog formula

Digital marketing agency formula


Step 1: Be helpful

First, we teach you that the key to driving growth online is to be actually, truly, genuinely helpful. Web users are savvy and know if you’re just trying to sell them something. To succeed on the Internet, you and your company have to commit at the core to doing everything you can to help others.

While there have certainly been exceptions to this rule, the overwhelming majority of success stories we’ve encountered feature companies and leaders who, above everything else, want to be helpful.

Step 2: Increase awareness

Second, we help you increase awareness across the Web — not of your company’s products and services, but of your helpfulness.

Most companies fail in their efforts to communicate their helpfulness and their ability to solve problems to the world. Instead, they just hang out a sign and hope people come along and buy their stuff.

When people learn that your company is helpful, magic begins to happen …

Step 3: Build trust

As your prospects become aware of your company, and begin to see social proof all over the Internet that reinforces your helpfulness, they start to trust you.

Trust has a gigantic impact on marketing success. After awareness, it is the most important thing.

If they don’t trust you, they won’t buy from you and that’s tricky because trust is earned, not manufactured.

And here’s the really difficult part …

Step 4: Motivate action

Over time, Internet users have developed a strong preference for gathering information online and answering their own questions. They only speak with a salesperson as a last resort, or once they’re ready to buy.

The next thing we do is help you use information to motivate your prospects to take action once trust is established and they have decided they are ready to engage with you.

Then, once you connect with them, you’re amazed by how prepared they are to get started. You stop selling and start helping.

Step 5: Drive growth

So, in summary, as your company increases awareness of your helpfulness, builds trust, and motivates action through information, you will connect with your prospects and they will seek out relationships with you.

What’s it like working with our agency?

Here is exactly how we apply the formula to drive growth for your company:

  • Develop an effective content strategy that will show everyone how helpful you are. Getting your content right helps you build trust and engage with prospects. In our experience, a poorly-executed content strategy is the #1 killer of online business and a well-executed strategy is the #1 contributor to digital success.
  • Push your content to the top of the search engines through paid ads, search engine optimization, or a combination of both. This increased visibility helps you introduce your company to thousands of new people every single month.
  • Engage with your prospects through social media promotion. Social media is one of the most effective tools for increasing awareness of your brand and your offering. We help most clients attract prospects through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or YouTube.

How can we work together?

By now, you’re probably wondering how much you’ll need to invest in order to partner with Fat Bullfrog …

And that’s a fair question given that in the past, the only way to boost your online visibility and sales was to hire an experienced executive or an expensive consultant at upwards of $125/hr.

However, the reason I created Fat Bullfrog is because I understand that a lot of companies just can’t afford to fork out tens of thousands of dollars just to drive a few sales.

After agonizing over every detail for the last 5 years, I can finally say the Fat Bullfrog growth formula has reached perfection. Even though the formula is constantly evolving, it is a well-tuned machine.

Choose Fat Bullfrog for your digital marketing agency

And so, for a strictly limited time, I’ll make my team of content strategists, writers, search engine optimization pros, ad buyers, social media managers, video producers, and seasoned marketing executives available to build and execute your winning strategy for just $75/hr.

So, if you’re ready to make a change and finally get your digital marketing up and running, call my cell phone at (775) 557-7700.

And, if you’re still sitting on the fence, you should also know that Fat Bullfrog doesn’t have silly contracts that lock you into a long-term agreement. You can cancel at any time.

Don’t forget, you’ve struggled to launch an effective digital marketing initiative for far too long. If you’re serious about your business, you need to take action today, and the missing link you’ve been searching for to finally drive online growth is just a phone call away.

Just imagine waking up in the morning, opening your email box and finding dozens of leads or sales notifications just waiting for you and your team.

So call (775) 557-7700 and let’s get you started today.