We are Fat Bullfrog, and for the last 19 years we’ve worked with successful startups, multi-million dollar corporations, and publicly traded companies to help them attract new customers and build their businesses like never before.

What we’ve proven over and over is that Web users respond to the same simple step-by-step formula to find products online, evaluate them, and make the decision to buy.

First – Be amazing

The first principle of driving ecommerce growth is to be actually, truly, genuinely amazing. People are tired of online retailers who try to sell them the same old brands and they’ve begun rewarding innovative creators who produce exciting new products.

To succeed online, you and your company must commit to creating useful items which are unlike anything your prospects have seen before, then you’ve got to get the word out. Today, social media is the most effective way to increase awareness of outstanding products.

Second – Earn their trust

The second principle of driving online growth is to earn their trust. As prospects become aware of your products, and begin to see social proof that are noteworthy, many of them will start to engage with you.

When their engagement results in positive experiences, they begin to trust your brand. Your ability to build trust will have a tremendous impact on marketing success. After awareness, trust is the most important thing, and if they don’t trust you, they won’t buy your stuff.

Third – Motivate action

The third principle of driving ecommerce growth is making the right offer to the right audience at the right time, but too many advertisers blast out messages that scream “buy our stuff!”

Today, promotional language must be conversational and appropriate based on where prospects are in your “trust funnel.” Asking for the sale too soon is a sure-fire way to make sure you never get it.


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